Brave Body Love 2016

Michelle_6208Bringing Women from All Over the Globe Together in an Epic Online Event to End Body Image Issues and Awaken Our Collective Female Power

With Michelle Hess and 25+ Leading Female Experts

Coming in 2016

Join Michelle Hess, creator of The Body Love Experiment™ and some of the most amazingly Brave and Transparent Female Leaders on the forefront of living a life of true body love and radical self-acceptance.

Discover how to free your body and self from the burdens of judgment, stress, and self-criticism and begin living a life full of love, hope and freedom.

If you’re sick and tired of

  • Not being confident in how you show up in the world
  • The size of your thighs causing you stress
  • Feeling that your self-worth depends on how you look
  • The shame and exhaustion involved in yo-yo dieting

Then join us and prepare yourself for some radical perspectives, new information on health and fitness, true beauty strategies and inspiration from the trenches of professional life in male dominated fields.

This is YOUR time. You can live in Brave Body Love and we will show you how! You are invited to be part of this global community of women who are saying, “No More!”

When you take a moment to relax and ask your body, doesn’t every cell in you cry out for the peace freedom brings? Freedom from expectations, false science, social pressure, non-stop dieting, abuse and shame?

Join us for this adventure that can change the way you look at your body, your life, and your powerful feminine self! Take your first step toward true freedom, radical acceptance and the amazing life that it brings.

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Last Year’s Speakers included:

Michelle_6208Sanah JivaniTrudy Scott high resSonya Renee Taylor

  • Michelle Hess
  • Sanah Jivani
  • Trudy Scott — Serotonin, Confidence and Calm
  • Sonya Renee — Founder of The Body is Not an Apology shares with us about radical self-acceptance

katanaLinda BaconAnastasia Netri

  • Katana Fatale — Plus Size Model discusses developing healthy body love in (all) our daughters
  • Dr. Linda Bacon — Interview on her newest book, Body Respect
  • Melissa A. Fabello — Exploring Diet Culture and Media Literacy
  • Anastasia Netri — Badass Body Miracles: The #1 Way to Change Body Hate to Love

Anna Guest-JelleyCharrise McCroreyDeahSchwartzDianna Anderson

Brittany HudsonAngelDentonShawnta PulliamSandy Ross

Carrie Leigh SandovalJoyBufaliniLisa Torba2Ragen Chastain Headshot

  • Carrie Leigh Sandoval — Helping Our Girls Drop the Worry and Love Who They Really Are ​
  • Joy Bufalini — How to Short Circuit Overeating and Embrace Self Care during Stressful Times
  • Lisa Torba — Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life
  • Ragen Chastain — The World is Messed Up, But You Are Fine

Emily RosenJulie NowakBethany TateEmma Leigh McIrvin

  • Emily Rosen — How Your Eating Psychology Affects Your Health and Body Image
  • Julie Nowak — Embodying Food Justice and Body Positivity
  • Bethany Tate and Emma Leigh McIrvin — Enriching the fat community through body positive events and the size acceptance media collective

Julie PierceJen VenegasJanelle Maguire VerticalAmber Karnes

  • Julie Pierce — Unconditional self-acceptance: Your solid foundation for long-term health and wellness
  • Jen Venegas — Fashion and the Power of Visibility
  • Janelle Maguire — The Healing Power of the Camera
  • Amber Karnes —Building Body Positivity with Yoga

Carla HannafordKRH headshot editedSusanBerryJen McLellan

  • Dr. Carla Hannaford — The importance of Heart-Connection and Movement in Embodied Love
  • Kristina Hess — Sharing her journey in Body Love from a Spiritual Perspective
  • Susan Berry — BadAss Eating
  • Jen McLellan — Plus Sized Birth Coach on finding the best Care Provider

MeganGahanPhotoCourtney ChalfantCoco_O'DonnellBarry_Selby

  • Megan Gahan — How a Love Letter to My Body Changed My Life
  • Courtney Chalfant — An Interview with Yogi, Author and Founder of Yahweh Yoga
  • Coco O’Donnell — How Aging affects your Body Love from a nutritional, whole food-based perspective
  • Barry Selby — The Love Confidant

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