Coco O’Donnell

Coco was overweight from a very young age and struggled for years to get the extra weight off and keep it off. She tried almost every diet known to man, yet continued to struggle.  

She finally found peace with food when she drastically changed how she was eating, adopting a traditional diet with no processed food, lots of nourishing bone broths and soups and a higher percentage of healthy fats in her diet.  This was miraculous–to have the cravings disappear, and to even be able to get off prescription medications as a result of eating this way.

Her career in the pharmaceutical industry and as a pharmacist became less satisfying once she realized that most of the illnesses today are caused by eating the wrong foods, so Coco became a wellness coach to support people in choosing more healthy foods. Additionally, Coco has been focusing on the things to eat that help women age more gracefully without toxic injections and expensive products.