Emma Leigh McIrvin

Emma Leigh McIrvin is the founder of Legalize Thunder Thighs, a body empowerment movement that provides motivation and inspiration, body love and self esteem support. She lives in Washington State and is a proud mother of three talented, creative and compassionate children. Her dedication to the body positivity movement is grounded in supporting young people and uplifting the overlooked and under represented.

A body positivity blogger and full time general spreader of love who is determined to help everyone recognize their value, Emma is committed to creating a safe space for all bodies! She is always excited to find new ways to spread the message of self-love and body acceptance. Emma is also a proud Pudge PDX committee member, a life-trained self-love coach and professional hugger!!

Official Site: legalizethunderthighs.com
Tumblr & Instagram: LegalizeThunderThighs
Email: legalizethunderthighs@gmail.com