Janelle Maguire

Janelle Maguire helps women who are nervous about being photographed to finally enjoy being in pictures, and to truly feel gorgeous inside & out! She’s felt the harsh pain of body-shame and -loathing; so much that she burst into tears as she posed for her first set of business head shots. From this deep understanding of the pain that being on-camera surfaces for so many women, Janelle successfully made it her mission to make the camera a tool for healing, so that her clients could love their looks no matter the size, shape, color, or age of their bodies. Today she helps purpose-driven women entrepreneurs to experience Fearless Visibility, so they feel confident in the public eye, enjoy marketing, attract more clients, and have a Money Breakthrough!

Janelle’s Free Gift

Janelle’s “Perfect Prep” Photoshoot Guide is a valuable upgrade she offers to her first-timer portrait clients who want to feel supremely confident as they prepare to be in front of the camera.

The “Perfect Prep” package has 3 components:

  1. A video with 7 Confidence Boosters you can use during your photoshoot to look and feel gorgeous,
  2. Janelle’s “What Do I Wear?” Ebook, and
  3. “How To Prep for Your Portrait Session” Guide and Checklist.

This package is valued at $97 and has never been given to anyone except Janelle’s private clients before now!

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