Julie Nowak

Julie Nowak, M.Ed., is a Toronto-based food justice organizer and educator who is dedicated to shifting our broken food system and promoting body positivity within an intersectional and anti-oppressive framework. Her work includes helping increase access to healthy food in schools as a Student Nutrition Community Development Animator with FoodShare Toronto, as well as facilitating various community-based educational initiatives around food.

One of her projects focuses on the intersection of food justice and body image, with connections to ‘Health at Every Size,’ feminist food studies, ecopsychology, and disability studies. This stems from her personal experience of finding healing from struggles with food and body image through therapeutic farming, as well as dealing with her limitations (including dietary) as a disabled person after a brain injury.

Julie enjoys growing food, cooking seasonal anti-inflammatory dishes, and co-hosting community vegan potlucks. You can follow Julie on her website.