Julie Pierce

Julie Pierce, Creator of Julona—Dedicated to shattering cultural taboos and stereotypes that create conflict and toxicity in the female body. Julie Pierce is a holistic health educator, lifestyle coach, mother and wife. Since 1991, she’s been on a mission to cut through the dogma and jargon of the healthcare industry and uncover the foundational principles of self-healing.

Julie believes our ability to heal is directly related to our ability to receive and cultivate within ourselves unconditional love. She teaches women how to reclaim their creative power and transform their health and wellbeing from a position of confident choice. When clients work with Julie, their health and sense of wellbeing improve. Consequently everything else in their lives gets better too. Learn more at www.julona.com

Julie’s Topic of Discussion:

“Unconditional self-acceptance:  Your solid foundation for long-term health and wellness”

  • Did you know that most of us are carrying around mind-twisting and heart-torturing conflict?
  • This conflict creates a lot of struggle that we’re often not even aware of.
  • It shows up in our bodies and in our lives in all sorts of crazy ways.

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5 Powerful Ways To Spark Self-Love and Acceptance: Steps On the Path to Brave Body Love