Peggy Farah

Peggy Farah, MPS, LMHCA  Therapist, Life Coach, and Founder of The Deeper Cravings Path™ journeys with you to birth more authenticity, joy and peace in you life. She specializes in offering a mindfulness-based approach in the healing of food & body issues (compulsive & emotional eating, negative body image, chronic yo-yo dieting etc).

Peggy created The Deeper Cravings Path™ a unique experience that offers practical skills to help us form a true connection with our body which results in developing healthier behaviors and gaining peace in our relationship with food. Over time we overcome our chaotic eating and/or our diet obsession. Through mindfulness, mindful eating, intuitive eating, journal reflection, meditative movement and art, Peggy teaches how the ‘practice of presence’ can help us to come home to our own body,  lose the body shame and chaotic eating patterns… as a result we gain peace and freedom in our relationship with food and our body.

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