Ragen Chastain

Ragen Chastain is a trained researcher, three-time National Champion dancer, marathoner, and soon-to-be IRONMAN who writes and speaks full-time about self-esteem, body image, and health. Ragen is the author of the blogs DancesWithFat and IronFat, and the book Fat: The Owner’s Manual. Her writing has been published in internationally and she has been a expert guest on Fox News, Alberta Primetime, HuffPost Live, NPR, and BBC. She is the editor of the multi-volume anthology The Politics of Size – Perspectives from the Fat Acceptance Movement.
Her work is regularly translated into multiple languages (most recently Icelandic!) and her blog has readers on all seven continents. She is the body image and women’s health blogger for NBCs iVillage/Today.com and a columnist for Ms. Fit Magazine. Ragen is a feature interviewee in the documentaries “America the Beautiful 2 – The Thin Commandments,” released by Warner Brothers in 2011, “A Stage for Size” released in 2013 by USC Films, and “Ragen’s More Cabaret” released in 2014 by PBS Independent Lens. A feature film about her life as a dancer is currently in active development.
Ragen Chastain
Speaker, Writer, Consultant
blog: www.danceswithfat.org
website: www.sizedforsuccess.com