Shawntá Pulliam

Founder of Nurturing Hearts and President of Shawntá Pulliam Arise LLC, Shawntá Pulliam is a visionary, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, life coach, writer, child advocate, community program developer, and survivor.

In 2006, Shawntá’s vision came to fruition when she founded Nurturing Hearts, a self-esteem and self-development non-profit organization for at-risk girls, which provides the supportive leadership and life skills necessary for 10 to 18 year-old girls to pursue bright and positive futures. Shawntá went on to found Shawntá Pulliam Arise LLC, which provides inspirational speaking, life coach assistance, and the creation and implementation of positive development programs for people from all facets of life. In addition, as a facilitator for University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a $10 billion integrated global nonprofit health enterprise, Shawntá provides inspirational and educational seminars and workshops for women.

Shawntá can be reached on Twitter @ShawntaArise and on her websites and

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