Thursday, September 21, 2023
After learning she could no longer consume gluten or dairy, Shari Regan overhauled her diet. While searching for healthy recipes, she discovered bone broth. Although the concept of bone broth is nothi
So what is regenerative agriculture, and why should you care? The future of food and the fight against climate change may very well rely on a method of farming called regenerative agriculture. There’s
Do you know the ingredients in your skincare products? And do you know if they do what they’re supposed to—or are even safe? There’s no reason to live with mystery ingredients and skin that’s not look
But lately, I’ve been leaning into the world of colour, even though it’s confusing and a little bit scary. I’ve been studying how colour changes the way we see ourselves and others, and I’ve been amaz
Beauty is all around us. Channelling or harnessing it to be our best selves can be incredibly fun, and it can bring thought-provoking challenges as well. It’s not just about finding the perfect summer
You’ve heard you should consume collagen daily, but have you heard of hydroxyproline? Hydroxyproline is at the heart of what makes collagen so important. Here’s why. Collagen is a structural protein.
Six years ago, I embarked on a journey to get healthy and live a better life—not just for me, but for my children too. I wanted to feel more whole. Confident. Beautiful. 01So, I lost 100 pounds (45 kg
With long, sunny days to enjoy the great outdoors, summer can be the best of times for radiant health. But for your skin? It can be the worst of times. Basking in the hot sun or cooling off in air con
Memorizing scripted lines may be part of her job, but actor Kate Mansi wasn’t about to start memorizing the 1,328 ingredients banned from cosmetics by the European Union. That’s the overwhelming task
Feeding our skin from the inside is easy on a vegan diet. But you might be surprised to learn that many of the beauty products we use can contain animal ingredients. Check out these skin-loving plant-