Tuesday, May 30, 2023
The healing properties of colour were used by ancient Egyptians and Greeks up to 4,000 years ago. Today, colour therapy techniques promote health and wellness in many complementary therapies and at ho
The weather on the day of Vancouver’s 8th Urban Farming Forum was typical for January: grey, wet, scatterings of dingy snow left over from a recent fall. It took some effort to imagine tomatoes ripeni
Nicole Lapin wasn’t always a master of all things money. Growing up in a family that never spoke about finances and attending a school that didn’t include financial education, she had no sense of doll
When most people hear the word vegan, the first thing that comes to mind is a diet free from animal products. But veganism is about more than what’s on your plate; it’s a lifestyle dedicated to enviro
We live in them. We work in them. And our planet’s getting warmer because of them. The buildings we inhabit are major contributors to climate change—accounting for nearly 40 percent of global greenhou
It’s resolution-making time ... but should it be? As tempting as it is to go big with your goals (“I will develop the delts of Jason Momoa and the dietary discipline of a monk!”), that’s not the most

Ditch Resolutions

It’s January, so your head might be swimming with intentions for the year ahead: resolutions to set, goals to nail, habits to form, and visualizations to implement. Where to begin? And what’s the diff
In recent years, tech gadgets that give real-time access to performance metrics have transformed how runners and cyclists train. But for swimmers, things haven’t gone as swimmingly—largely because tak
Whether you’re battling a strong headwind or benefiting from a steady breeze at your back, there’s no doubt that the wind impacts your performance as a runner. But factoring this invisible force of na
What began many centuries ago as a spiritual practice has taken a comfortable seated position in mainstream culture. Praised by Silicon Valley CEOs and charismatic TV personalities alike, meditation i
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