Things to Do with Dad this Father\'s Day

Dad’s a pretty special guy. This Father’s Day, give him what he really wants – time with you!

Dad’s a pretty special guy. This Father’s Day, give him what he really wants—time with you!

Choose the perfect activity for your dad based on his personality type


  • If your dad could use some relaxation and de-stressing (even though he would never admit it!), try out a yoga class.
  • Get your dad out of the office and go for a walk in nature.


  • Go for a long hike in the woods or a kayak day trip.
  • If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, plan a weekend camping trip. Depending on your site, consider a day of surfing, windsurfing, mountain biking, or rock climbing.  


  • Spend the morning with your dad at the local farmers’ market. Later, use the goodies you bought to make dinner together.
  • Treat your dad to a cooking class together—there are countless themes to choose from, from pizza-making or French cooking to Indian or sushi.

Family man

  • Organize something for the whole family, such as an outdoor picnic sports tournament complete with all the classics—badminton, croquet, and horseshoes.

Eco-friendly gifts

If you want to give him a gift, swapping your typical Father’s Day gifts for a healthy, eco-friendly version is simple:

  • If he’s a chocoholic or coffee addict, make it fair trade and organic.
  • Does he appreciate a new tie or pair of socks? Opt for an eco-friendly fibre such as organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo.
  • Is your dad man enough to moisturize? Treat him to some natural shaving creme, aftershave, or shaving soap.


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